Success Stories

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These are just a few of the success stories our clients have achieved through the implementation of ATIV Software medical and scientific conference apps.

virtual poster hall

How a scientific meeting reimagined their poster hall

Challenge How do you translate a physical poster hall with thousands of posters into an engaging online event?

Solution Mix live webinars, pre-recordings, ePosters, and PosterBridge® Connection via the EventPilot® conference platform for scientific meetings.

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virtual conference 2020

How a large scientific meeting pivoted to a virtual conference in record time

Challenge With research submitted and ready to print, the event planners faced the decision of canceling the entire conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solution The EventPilot® conference platform for scientific meetings allowed the organization to easily convert their existing program into a virtual meeting.

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expo data case study 2017

Medical Meeting App Unlocks Attendee Traffic Patterns at DDW

The EventPilot conference app offered another success story when it provided Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) with an affordable tool to intervene in real-time and optimize their floor plan, creating better traffic flow in the poster & expo hall.

Problem Managing a floor plan for 1,000+ posters boards set up each day.

Solution EventPilot provided real-time attendee traffic data for DDW's poster & expo hall.

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medical meeting app success story

Succeed with Specialized Medical Meeting App at WTC

After trying out other generic meeting apps, the World Transplant Congress (WTC) found the right solution with the EventPilot medical conference app.

Problem Past apps could not deliver on integrating thousands of scientific abstracts.

Solution EventPilot specialized conference app for medical meetings with massive and complex programs.

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HRS medical meeting app success story

Green Initiative Will Save
1.6 Million Pages of Paper at HRS

The EventPilot conference app enabled the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) to reduce the printed programs by 50% with plans to eliminate completely in 2015, creating a more sustainable event.

Problem Apps tried previously were not reliable enough to go paperless.

Solution EventPilot allowed attendees to fully rely on the digital mobile meeting program.

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