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Release News

EventPilot 2022 – Small Meeting Subscriptions, Enhanced Chat, a new CMS, and more

Stay Innovative with EventPilot A powerful release with simplified workflows for meeting organizers plus a transformed social experience for attendees Accelerate attendee engagement Advanced chat experience Modern design Colored chat bubbles complete with photos and monograms   Add [...]

Coaching Presenters for Virtual Sessions

Kate Pojeta, Director of Meetings & Technology at Event Garde | provided the following tips: Well in advance of being on screen, test your setup: lighting, shadows, background, noise, even the clothing you wear and accessories (do they rub against your microphone and create feedback/noise?) A microphone of any [...]

Virtual Events

Our team is working hard to help associations transition their live events to virtual meetings rapidly. Therefore, you don't need to cancel your conference. Your meeting app, combined with a fully-featured web and desktop version, can act as your virtual events hub. The EventPilot® conference app already incorporates in one [...]

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