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Release News

EventPilot Winter 2024: Plan better conference experiences with the Exhibitor Portal, Overflow Predictor, and more!

Simplify Data Collection with the Exhibitor Portal Exhibitor Portal Details Save time with the new Exhibitor Portal: the easy exhibitor content management platform to enhance your exhibitor profile listings in the mobile meeting app or the online desktop planner. Fast-Track Your Exhibitor Profile [...]

EventPilot 2023: Explore New Search Capabilities, Enhanced Web Experience & Moderated Q&A!

Redefine Moderated Q&A The Q&A in a scientific session can be the most pivotal moment for engaging the audience with your speakers. Q&A sessions enable a dynamic exchange of ideas and empower participants to gain insights directly from the experts. Efficiently manage and address questions with the revamped [...]

EventPilot 2022 – Small Meeting Subscriptions, Enhanced Chat, a new CMS, and more

Stay Innovative with EventPilot A powerful release with simplified workflows for meeting organizers plus a transformed social experience for attendees Accelerate attendee engagement Advanced chat experience Modern design Colored chat bubbles complete with photos and monograms   Add [...]

Coaching Presenters for Virtual Sessions

Kate Pojeta, Director of Meetings & Technology at Event Garde | provided the following tips: Well in advance of being on screen, test your setup: lighting, shadows, background, noise, even the clothing you wear and accessories (do they rub against your microphone and create feedback/noise?) A microphone of any [...]

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