Virtual Meetings: Always ready for the unexpected

Turn your EventPilot project into a virtual meeting in minutes. Watch the video on the right to see how GSA converted their onsite program into a successful virtual event. 

Virtual Meeting Scientific Meeting

“The EventPilot meeting platform exceeded our expectations for what a virtual meeting could be.”

Allison Jane Shultz
Meeting Coordination Committee Member
American Ornithological Society

Why choose the EventPilot virtual meeting platform?

Virtual Meeting at a scientific conference with over 900 sessions

“Having EventPilot automatically generate our 903 Zoom sessions and participant links was incredibly valuable. The simplicity of this functionality is an enormously beneficial feature.”

Christopher Hooker
Director of Membership and Programs
Society of Biblical Literature

Transform your sessions into virtual meetings with a push of a button

Join virtual session via conference app

Virtual Sessions

Convert some or all of the presentations into live online sessions. Attendees access via desktop itinerary planner or mobile apps.

Presenter for virtual conferences or hybrid meetings

Simulive Events

Create a virtual experience that feels live by blending a real event schedule, recorded video presentation, live chat elements,

Virtual meeting attendee at scientific conference

Hybrid Events

Leverage the EventPilot virtual meeting platform to combine live in person with online to deliver cost-effective remote viewing.

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