Reimagine how to share and discuss science with virtual posters

The American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) hosts a large annual conference that brings together a community of over 6,500 attendees. About 3,000 poster presentations and over 350 talks are expertly coordinated by the meeting planners so researchers can learn, connect, and spark innovation. With the event scheduled at the beginning of June 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the planners did not cancel. Instead, they took on the challenge to “reboot” the meeting. ASMS maximized the capabilities of EventPilot conference technologies for scientific meetings to mix live webinars, pre-recordings, ePosters, and PosterBridge Connection into an engaging event.

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Virtual Conference Experience

“Working with ATIV over the years has allowed us to explore new and improved ways to share the science at our conferences and this year was no different.”
Jennifer Watson Conference Planner American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Virtual Components










Virtual Scientific Meeting Platform Made All the Difference

The EventPilot virtual meeting platform contained many features ASMS was able to leverage including:




Join Virtual Sessions Instantly

Attending a live session is just as easy as entering a conference room at a physical event. Your attendees instantly join a virtual session by pressing a single button.


Control Session Access

Limit the ability to join virtual events only to registered remote attendees. Restrict special events with additional registration fees to only those attendees who had paid.


Support Desktop & Mobile

With 20% of virtual attendees on mobile, you need a solution that works not only on a computer but also on a tablet or a smartphone. EventPilot is designed for all platforms.



Include All Content

Provide all content, from virtual sessions, recordings, descriptions, bios, non-disclosures, abstracts, handouts, papers, virtual posters, and more.


Save Time with Automation

Let EventPilot do all the work for you when it comes to scheduling virtual sessions in your virtual event service including notifying speakers or managing licenses.


Display Recordings Immediately

Prompt access extends your educational value far beyond the live virtual event. Recordings are protected and only viewable by registered users via the platform.



Augment with Virtual Posters

Boost your virtual platform’s value with an ePosters Hall that not only include the poster but also an audio recording from your presenter to explain the research.


Keep Your Program Updated

Direct database integration with your Abstract Management System makes it easy for you to keep your program, including virtual sessions, up to date.


Analyze Usage Reports

Download and review analytics including virtual session attendance statistics. Access the powerful Conference Application Builder (CAB) 24/7 for the latest insights.



“The team at ATIV Software has been great. They sat with us and went over everything we needed to get our virtual sessions and on-demand videos up and running with lots of great recommendations.”
Jennifer Watson Conference Planner American Society for Mass Spectrometry