Simplify Data Collection with the Exhibitor Portal

Save time with the new Exhibitor Portal: the easy exhibitor content management platform to enhance your exhibitor profile listings in the mobile meeting app or the online desktop planner.

Exhibitor Portal for exhibitor content management

Fast-Track Your Exhibitor Profile Data Collection with Time-Saving Exhibitor Portal Features

Proactive Room Capacity Management

The Overflow indicator helps you predict in real time which rooms are likely going to overflow. Be prepared and know in advance where to enforce compliance with safety standards, communicate an overflow area, allocate additional staff resources, or set up session recording.

Download an overflow spreadsheet report for easy information sharing with your event planning team.

As of January 2024, included in Pro Onsite+ and Pro Hybrid packages. Package features are subject to change.

Intelligent Room Overflow Predictor

Conference App Builder Enhancements


Features listed are available now for all new projects getting set up. If you have a branded shell app, please contact your project manager to determine the best time to resubmit between your projects.

Some features may only be available in specific editions or packages.