Stay Innovative with EventPilot

A powerful release with simplified workflows for meeting organizers plus a transformed social experience for attendees

Accelerate attendee engagement

Advanced chat experience

Sample discussion chat for a session in event app

Modern design

Colored chat bubbles complete with photos and monograms


Session chat direct reply in EventPilot meeting app

Add a reply

Reply with your opinion or answer someone’s question

Session chat with emojis in conference app

Express with Emojis

Identify your feelings and add emotional nuance to your messages

All discussions in one view

Chat home screen banner alerts in event app

Home screen notification

An automatic widget built into the home screen lets attendees know about chat invites and new messages.

Chat invitations at conference in event app

Networking dashboard

The networking page displays all outstanding chat invites and lists all discussions or chats the user participated in

Search within discussion chats and across attendee list within event app

Search all discussions

Search for other attendees or content in other discussions to quickly find a topic to join

Get speakers involved

You want to make sure that your speakers are aware if attendees submit messages into a session or presentation discussion. With EventPilot, speakers associated to that discussion automatically receive an email. The email lets them know that their topic has an active discussion.

Afford the best scientific event app for small meetings

The EventPilot DIY Subscriptions provide small scientific events or medical meetings a low cost option to use a true scientific meeting app.

Create stunning home screens

customize event app home screens

An even easier to use CMS for your unique event app needs

The 2022 EventPilot release included a variety of CMS updates that makes it easier for meeting professionals to create their event app. From setting up your authentication integration with CDS or Maritz to importing your abstract and speaker data from ScholarOne or Confex.