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EventPilot is the only meeting app specialized in medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare or scientific conferences with comprehensive schedules containing thousands of Poster sessions, offline searchable scientific abstracts, offline PowerPoint presentations, and a multitude of disciplines within the program. Why our clients call it the best

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Best app ever for a medical conference!
Well done ACC.

Briancardio - Mar 14, 2015 | Apple App Store Review for ACC.15

"The Neurosci16 planner app is really impressive, I loved it!"
Sunny Siddiqi
SfN Attendee on Twitter Nov 16, 2016

Our Clients in Healthcare and Science Include

The Only Meeting App with a Scientific Search Engine

Scientific Search Engine for Medical Meetings

“Just try searching for cholangiopancreatography on a mobile device! It’s effortless and quick in EventPilot conference apps. The search engine is fantastic and is one more reason EventPilot is the best meeting app for medical and scientific conferences.”

Jason Levine
Vice President, BSC Management

Key Event App Features for Scientific and Medical Meetings

Easy Data Updates

Your time is limited so we made data updates to medical meeting apps fast and easy. Our scientific and medical conference apps offer direct database integration with your systems so that real-time data updates only take seconds.

High Performance

Attendees can access information instantly. EventPilot mobile apps are designed to quickly process very large meeting programs that consist of hundreds of sessions, thousands of speakers and exhibitors, and thousands of abstracts.

Poster Presentations

With EventPilot, you can offer an easy to navigate mobile meeting app that allows your attendees to choose between adding complete poster sessions to their conference app schedule or individual poster presentations.

Offline Slides & Searchable Abstracts

Provide the latest research results to your attendees directly within the medical conference app and include thousands of scientific abstracts or PowerPoint presentations. Offline content access ensures the best attendee experience. Learn more about the PowerPoint viewer app features.

Note Taking and Bookmarking

The EventPilot medical meeting app keeps your attendees' notes organized and allows them to email a complete report of their key learnings after the event. The report includes all notes and star rated items such as sessions, presentation slides, speakers, exhibitors, or new contacts made.

Scientific Search Engine & Filters

The unique scientific search engine is specifically designed for your medical and scientific conference app. Search combined with the advanced smart filters, interactive metatags, and intuitive UI, users can easily build schedules from massive event programs with thousands of sessions.

CME Tracking

Easily enable your attendees to flag any credit eligible sessions directly within the medical meeting app for future claiming. Our API gives you easy access to the flagged CME and enables integration with third party vendors.

Online Planner

In addition to the mobile meeting app, EventPilot has an optional online planner that integrates directly into your website. Your attendees can begin planning their schedules directly via your website and download their schedules once the event app becomes available.

ACCME Compliance

A large variety of sponsorship options allow you to generate revenue from your conference app without violating compliance requirements. Learn more about generating revenue from your mobile event app.

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