Taking Meeting App Personalization to a Whole New Level

Personalize Your Event App

While your main goal of the conference app may be a mobile schedule builder, EventPilot can offer more to make your life onsite easier. Do you want to make stake holders feel special? Show attendees if they still need to pay for the special event? Or help your speakers with additional information visible just to them? EventPilot multiplies your conference app’s usefulness to increase your ROI. Get ready to create extraordinary personalized attendee experiences with your conference app!

Personalize with Targeted Content*

Treat Key People Special

Are you offering a special welcome from your president to key attendees or board members? Treat stakeholders special with banners and information just for them. Additionally, welcome them with a location notification when they arrive at the convention center.

Personalize for Specific Attendees

Maybe you want to highlight your scholarship program to students or limit contact sharing to attendees with a full registration only? Display different banners or tabs based on user types to personalize their event app.

Prepare Your Speakers

Include a page with speaker resources that is visible to speakers only. With speaker ready room and A/V details, your speakers have the information they need at their fingertips. Due to a high level of personalization, you could reduce support requests and relieve your staff.

Help your Staff

EventPilot already contains a lot of useful information, not just for attendees, but for your staff. With targeted content, you can personalize the event app and add extra views just for your staff. These could contain critical contact information and links to emergency procedures. If you import all attendees into EventPilot, include a filtered list for staff members only to help find the right person. Finally, use alerts for important staff announcements.

Advertise to Exhibitors

Similarly to attendees, exhibitors can benefit from the app to find their booth on the floor or the registration hours. Therefore, your exhibit sales team can use the app to advertise to exhibitors. Include a special tab with all the info your exhibitors need, from move in times to exhibitor badge pickup location. Send push notifications to exhibitors how to reserve their booth for your next conference.

Address the Press

Members of the press have very little time so you’d want to provide quick access to details they need. Personalize your event app with your media contact and a link to your press kit. Furthermore, add the map pin drop to the press room so they can easily find their way around.

Individualize to the Session Level

Display User-specific Session Status*

Give your attendees status information on a session level based on their personal registration status. Show the user if the session requires additional payment, if they have already paid, or if the session is full. Display text or clickable links to open to a web page. We can help you build an integration with your registration system so that you can create the most personalized event app for each attendee.

Additional Enhancements

See Connection Status on the Home Screen

The home screen displays a data update status. Therefore, you will easily know if a data update is available, if airplane mode is ON, or if the device has insufficient storage space.

Limit Badge Scanning to Logged in Users

Require users to log in for using the badge scanning feature. This limits contact sharing and lead retrieval to your authorized app users. Based on your authentication setup, you can use this requirement to generate revenue. Only offer the scanning to those exhibitors that have purchased the lead retrieval function.

Learn Features in Context

The feature tour has been replaced with feature overlays on a variety of screens. As a result, users can immediately learn about menus or icons as needed the first time they access the specific view.


All features listed are included in your next implementation / purchased modules. Features marked with * require the associated module. If you have purchased the module (e.g. Targeted Content), the new feature will become automatically available for you. Enterprise multi-event apps will be upgraded based on your upcoming event schedule.

Do you have new feature ideas or want to see this release in action? Please contact your Client Relationship Manager at ATIV.