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Virtual Meetings Keep Your Show Going

Don't let a virus stop the science

The impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a swift shift in the meetings and events industry to embrace virtual sessions and hybrid meetings. Travel restrictions and the responsibility to prevent new infections disrupts every meeting planner’s ability to plan large gatherings. When presenters, attendees, and exhibitors are unable to participate in your onsite meeting, don’t despair, we have a solution.

Today’s video conferencing technologies combined with high speed Internet enable what would have seemed impossible just 10 years ago. As a result, you can keep your show going with virtual conference and hybrid meetings.

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Transform your sessions into virtual meetings with a push of a button

Virtual sessions in event app

Virtual Sessions

Using the EventPilot ® conference app, easily convert some or all of the presentations for your event into virtual sessions.
Join virtual session

Remote Participants

Speakers and attendees join virtually from anywhere in the world. For hybrid meetings, project your remote speakers into your onsite session room.
Virtual exhibitor booth

Online Exhibitors

Set up virtual meeting rooms where exhibitors and attendees can spend time discussing products and services.

Why use the EventPilot conference app for your virtual conference

Save Time

The virtual sessions are automatically set up for you. Speakers are notified with all the details they need.

Support Large Keynotes

The EventPilot meeting app integrates with technology proven for large online sessions with up to 10,000 attendees.

Minimize Losses

Instead of canceling your meeting, convert all your conference sessions and posters into virtual presentations.

Keep it Interactive

Use video, slides, polls and Q&A to engage virtual attendees live in the presentation.

Enable Virtual Networking

Offer topic based virtual lounges where attendees can join small group discussions. Schedule them directly in your event program.

Maintain Credit Claiming

Help your participants to meet their continuing medical education (CME) credit requirements. Convert all CME sessions into virtual meetings.

Broaden Knowledge Sharing

Record your sessions and provide access after the event. Therefore, you can maximize knowledge transfer and increase value for your members.

Promote your Exhibitors

Set up an online meeting rooms as a virtual booth where attendees can join during exhibit hours and ask questions live.

Connect Attendees

Video removes the sense of distance and brings participants together. The face-to-face interaction helps build relationships.

“ATIV Software designed a solution that not only worked, it exceeded all expectations.”

Suzy Brown, CMP
Senior Director of Conferences
Genetics Society of America
virtual meeting case study

With research submitted and ready to print, the event planners at the Genetics Society of America (GSA) faced the decision of canceling the entire conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, GSA leveraged the EventPilot® meeting platform to painlessly convert their existing program into a virtual event.

Read the conference app success story

Minimize losses and add a virtual component to your meeting

Avoid having to cancel your meeting for situations like the coronavirus pandemic and find out more about taking your event virtual.

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