Free lead retrieval badge scanner for conferences

How Does Lead Retrieval Work?

Lead retrieval is an essential component of events, conferences, and trade shows, allowing exhibitors to capture and manage potential customer contacts generated from these events. This typically involves using specialized tools such as badge scanners or lead retrieval apps like BadgeScanner to collect attendee information, which can then be imported into a CRM system or a lead management software application.

What is a Badge Scanner?

A badge scanner is a device that captures attendee information generally from a printed badge or a wristband. The scanner reads a visible barcode or QR code on the badge or an often invisible embedded RFID tag to retrieve the attendee’s information. The information collected can include the attendee’s name, company, job title, contact information, and other relevant details. You can try out BadgeScanner, a free lead retrieval mobile app for a first hand experience.

How Does a Badge Scanner Work?

A badge scanner uses an optical sensor to read the barcode or QR code on an attendee’s badge or wristband. Mobile lead retrieval apps like the free BadgeScanner app use the smartphone’s built-in camera to scan the QR code on the badge. The scanners interpret the data and present it in a readable format for the exhibitor.

How do Exhibitors Receive their Badge Scanner?

To use a badge scanner, exhibitors first need to obtain a scanner or a specific mobile lead retrieval app from the event organizer or a third-party vendor, typically the registration vendor. Once they have the scanner, they can simply scan the barcode or QR code on an attendee’s badge or wristband to retrieve their information. If an exhibitor has multiple staff in one single booth, more than one scanner would be provided so all attendees visiting the booth can easily be scanned by different members of the team. If the event organizer printed the QR codes in such a way they can be read by the free BadgeScanner mobile app, each staff member could install the native app to their own smartphone. This ensures that the entire team can scan without having to share or rely on a single rented device.

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Badge Scanner?

If lead retrieval costs money depends on the organization managing the event and their agreements with the registration vendor, who provides the physical devices or collects the attendee data. However, BadgeScanner is a free mobile lead retrieval app for Android and iOS that can be used at no cost to the association or the exhibitors. BadgeScanner can read QR codes printed with the standard digital business card formats such as MeCard or vCard and some registration vendors’ QR codes. If you are an event organizer, contact your registration vendor to see if they are able to print the QR codes in the supported formats.

Is Internet Access Required to Use a Badge Scanner?

Badge scanner devices and lead retrieval apps like BadgeScanner are generally designed to read a QR code without requiring internet access. However, in order to export the lead list after the conference, internet access may be required. Internet access is also required to back up the scanned lead list and to sync it across different devices.

Why Are Badge Scanners Important for Lead Retrieval?

Badge scanners are essential tools for lead retrieval at conferences, events and trade shows. They enable exhibitors to capture attendee information quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual data entry. This saves exhibitors time and resources, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business at the conference onsite. If using lead retrieval apps like the BadgeScanner, each exhibitor can install the mobile app and independently scan attendee badges, making lead retrieval as efficient as possible.

How can the lead data be exported from the Badge Scanner and imported into a CRM system or lead management software?

Exhibitors can easily import the attendee information captured by the BadgeScanner app into their preferred CRM system or lead management software application, completely free of charge. Additionally, any notes added to the lead during the conference are also included in the export from the app. This feature allows exhibitors to effectively track and follow up with leads after the event, enhancing their chances of converting them into paying customers.

EventPilot Mobile Conference App and Badge Scanning

In addition to traditional badge scanners, the EventPilot mobile conference app can also scan badges if they are printed as a QR code following the MeCard or vCard format as well as some QR codes printed by different registration vendors. This feature enables attendees to scan badges of their peers as they network onsite at the event. It also gives onsite staff a simple solution to capture attendee contact information for support issues or keeping track of feedback received in person during the meeting.


Badge scanners are critical tools for lead retrieval at conferences, trade shows, and events and via ATIV’s BadgeScanner mobile app, they do not have to incur a cost to associations or exhibitors. The free mobile app allows exhibitors to capture attendee information quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources. Additionally, the EventPilot conference app offers an integrated badge scanner into the event app itself, providing additional value to attendees for networking and onsite staff for feedback collection.