Conference App Features

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The event app that attendees want:

Intuitive. Fast. Robust. Offline.

The EventPilot® conference app is packed with features. Instantly access the full conference program. Take notes on PowerPoint presentation slides. Fill open time slots with sessions. Receive reminders of upcoming sessions. Find rooms and exhibitor booths on animated maps. Bookmark great speakers. Share digital business cards.

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Conference App Features Built for Attendees

Why do some of the largest medical and scientific associations choose the EventPilot meeting app for their annual events? Because the mobile app works, even if Wi-Fi doesn't.

Airplane Mode

EventPilot is a true native meeting app for iPhone, iPad, and Android so that your attendees can use your interactive mobile program at any time offline - during the flight to your event or at the conference where Wi-Fi may be limited, over-burdened, or unavailable.
  • Offline browsing, scheduling, searching
  • Offline notes, messages, reminders
  • Offline interactive maps and much more
Native conference app works offline
Medical Meeting App screenshots mobile device

Rich Content

The conference app is only as good as the information it contains. In addition to basic session information, EventPilot allows you to include speaker photos and bios, exhibitor contact info, media links, organizer alerts, web links to videos, polls, and more.

Intuitive Design

The event app is designed to let attendees easily browse through thousands of sessions, and offers filter options by session tracks, day, keywords, and subsessions. The interface is expertly designed for maximum usability and effective navigation.

Impactful Branding

The EventPilot conference app offers unmatched event branding options and includes the most innovative Home screen approach in the industry. Dynamically display banner messages, use a dashboard approach, or show sponsor ads during premium time slots.

Time Savers

Your attendees are busy professionals so the app is packed with functionality that helps attendees stay organized and on time so they can make the most of your event. Advanced interactive mapping allows for increased face time on the expo floor and easy room finding.
  • Schedule reminders and notification alerts
  • Expo visit planning
  • Offline interactive floorplans
  • Sessions nearby
PowerPoint Slide Viewer for iPhone and Android

Resources with Note Taking

Include offline PowerPoint presentations in your conference app so attendees can follow along with the presentation and take notes on slides, bookmark key content, and even share important slides on Twitter or via Email. Learn more about the PowerPoint slide viewer »

Visual Planning

The event app's personal schedule builder gives attendees the most efficient way to fill their schedule and make the most out of your event. Filter by category, day, time, keywords, bookmarked, etc. Synchronize schedules with your registration system.

Paperless Events

Integrate session materials such as PowerPoint presentations or medical and scientific abstracts directly into the mobile app. The content is accessible offline and displayed in-context of the session detail view. Calculate your printing and environmental cost savings

Easy Networking

EventPilot native conference apps include a variety of ways for attendees to network and share their opinions. You can even integrate any of your own social media sites or Instagram photo albums.
Networking in mobile meeting app
Lead retrieval badge scanner

Free Lead Retrieval

EventPilot includes free lead retrieval in each implementation. If your exhibitors are not allowed to install the event app, you can offer them a free Badge Scanner app to collect leads. Lead retrieval at events and meetings has never been easier!
  • Works offline
  • Instant access to leads
  • Editing, updating, note taking included
  • Direct export for CRM integration

Powerful App Features Make Your Life Easier as a Meeting Planner

Accomplish more in less time. Our team makes your event app development and publishing process easy while you can give your sponsors new and attractive marketing opportunities.

EventPilot Conference App Features

Impress Attendees

Native iPhone AND iPad
Native Android AND Tablet
Scientific Search Engine
Indoor Navigation*
Native offline access
Web version for all other devices
Cross device and OS schedule sync
Unmatched high performance
Media rich experience
Intuitive graphical interface
Localized UI EN/DE/FR/SP/PT

Include All Content

Tracks, sessions, subsessions
Workshops, social events
Access by day, track, timeblock
General event info offline
Speakers with detail, session list
Session & Exhibitor meta tags
Offline animated venue maps
Embargoed abstracts & Disclosures
Global Boolean search
Attendee list*
Local information links

Go Green

Easy content updates
Offline scientific abstracts
PowerPoint slide viewer*
Integrated online itinerary planner*
Session handouts
Abstract PDF generation
Poll & survey integration
Context aware surveys*
Native QR reader
Include exhibitor brochures
Digital business cards

Provide Value

Targeted Content
Related Sessions
Personal itinerary recommendations
Personal schedule builder
Scheduled event reminder
Upcoming and ongoing event list
Filters based on event metatags
Sessions near me display
Session, speaker, exhibitor notes
Slide-based note taking & stars*
Session, speaker, exhibitor stars
Automated trip report email
Free lead retrieval badge scanner
Automatic time zone correction

Generate Revenue*

Attendee Traffic Heat Maps*
Timed ads on NOW screen
Rotating ads in session view*
Media links for exhibitors*
Exhibitors linked to sessions
Featured exhibitor listing
Sponsor included in imagery
ScanHunt Gamification*
24/7 ad editing*

Manage Data Quickly

Database integration
Freeman Fuzion Partner
Import from other vendors
24/7 Admin access
Scheduled data imports
Autonomous data updates
Multi-source data import
Smart update downloads
Registration schedule synchronization*
CME flagging and tracking with API*
Mandatory schedule download*
Attendance Scanning*


Location-based Notification Alerts*
Targeted Notification Alerts*
Peer Finder Networking*
Session commenting
Alert messages on NOW screen
Full Twitter client
Facebook & Twitter sharing
Contact sharing via QR
Speaker & Exhibitor email
Moderated Q&A*

Customize Your App

Branded imagery
Session Status*
Dynamic NOW screen
Tab order and naming
Custom tabs to additional info
Event color & session tracks
Features via Add-Ons*
Internal distribution option
Password protection*
Multilingual Conference App*
* Available as Add-On Modules Features may vary on different platforms.

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