EventPilot and ScholarOne Partnership

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Turn your ScholarOne abstracts into a meeting app

Offer your attendees a professional, scientific conference app


EventPilot professional meeting apps

Give your attendees offline access to schedules, speaker profiles, presentations, and searchable abstracts. The tight integration with ScholarOne makes it easy to turn your abstracts into a professional-quality meeting app and to eliminate the need for printed programs. With a consistent 4.5+ star attendee rating, top medical and scientific meetings select EventPilot conference apps.

Clarivate ScholarOne medical meeting app

Meet the meeting app specifically designed for scientific and medical meetings

Clarivate ScholarOne MyItinerary Conference App

Create an app easily

As a ScholarOne client, the native event app, MyItinerary, is already available in the Apple store and on Google Play for Android. Attendees simply open MyItinerary and download your branded event program.

Scientific Search Engine for the ScholarOne conference app

Scientific focus

The unique scientific search engine is designed specifically for your medical and scientific conference app. It’s lightning-fast, gives search suggestions, can be trained, and offers analytics.

Online Itinerary Planner for the ScholarOne conference app

Plan online

ScholarOne clients can provide attendees with a desktop itinerary planner. As a result, your attendees can build and access their personal schedule from a computer or their handheld device.

Impress your attendees with the ScholarOne meeting app

Impress your attendees

Navigation is designed to enable your attendees to choose between adding complete poster sessions or individual poster presentations. Send live notifications to ensure attendees receive last-minute schedule changes.
Facilitate Notes with the ScholarOne meeting app

Facilitate notes

The EventPilot meeting app keeps your attendees’ notes organized with a complete report of their key learnings. The subsequent report includes all notes and star-rated items such as sessions, presentation slides, speakers, exhibitors, or new contacts.
Customize your filters with the ScholarOne conference app

Customize your filters

Event app users easily filter for just the content, topics, specialties, days, time, or location they want. For maximum convenience, custom filters can be applied using keywords so attendees can apply multiple keywords from multiple filters.
QC Badge Scanning

Delight your exhibitors

Allow your exhibitors and sponsors to use a free “Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner” to use QR codes on badges to gather targeted leads from attendees interested in your exhibitors. It works offline without needing WiFi.
Sponsorship Banners within the conference app

Generate revenue

EventPilot mobile apps offer the capability to implement a variety of sponsorship options that may permit you to generate revenue from your conference app in compliance with ACCME requirements.
Stack of Paper

Eliminate costs

Go paperless by integrating all your ScholarOne abstracts directly into the mobile app. The content is accessible offline and displayed in-context of the session detail view. Calculate your cost savings.
ScholarOne conference app works offline

Why WiFi free?

EventPilot conference app is an actual native meeting app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. As a result, your attendees can use your interactive mobile program at any time offline. For example, the meeting app can be used during the flight to your event or at the conference where WiFi may be limited, over-burdened, or unavailable.

  • Offline browsing, scheduling, searching

  • Offline notes, messages, reminders

  • Offline interactive maps and much more

NOTE: EventPilot intelligently backs-up and updates whenever WiFi becomes available.

Expand with your needs

Here are a few of the features available to you through ScholarOne for an additional cost


Engage attendees

Foster moderated discussions, within the event app, in-context with a presentation on the latest ScholarOne abstract. Or use the EventPilot moderated Q & A module to offer in-app question submission to panels or moderators.

Send location alerts

The EventPilot Location Alerts permit notifications triggered by timing as well as when an attendee is in a particular location at your venue. Ensuring attendees can be informed about important information, critical program changes, or shown sponsor messages.

Provide navigation

The RouteInside module guides your visitors step-by-step from room-to-room, between floors and buildings. RouteInside technology is designed to work with Google Maps and Apple Maps to seamlessly integrate outdoor and indoor navigation.

Measure audience interest

The survey module can apply specific surveys to different workshop types, or adapt to presentations including those with more than one speaker. Additionally, it allows you to pick your survey service or integrate it with your existing surveys.

Personalize your content

Targeted specific groups based on user-types assigned during registration with custom information and banners provided within the app. Therefore, consider a special welcome to key attendees, highlight information for speakers, or advertise to exhibitors.

Increase awareness

With the EventPilot ScanHunt module, you can offer expo passport-style games or scavenger hunts at your events. Use it to increase session attendance, educate about new initiatives, or drive foot traffic to participating exhibitors.


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