Your attendees use your conference app 60 to 100 or more times during the event while also using their email, social networks, phone, maps, photo, and dozens of other apps. That takes energy and dead batteries create unhappy attendees.

With a simple solution however, you can keep your attendees happy, keep your meeting app up and running, and generate new revenue at the same time. Here is how:

Set up USB Mobile Device Charging Stations

Mobile device charger sponsored for events

It’s very easy and cost effective to offer attendees opportunities to charge their mobile devices. for example offers a variety of USB charging stations that even include several high speed charging ports for tablet devices. These stations can be used for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Android phones and tablets, Android watches, Amazon Kindle devices, any fitness trackers, or rechargeable backup batteries for mobile devices.

Create Conversation Hotspots

Place the mobile device charging stations smartly so the location itself helps enhance the attendee experience. For example, place a charging dock at your membership desk or the registration area. While attendees wait for their batteries to recharge, your staff has the opportunity to start conversations and educate about additional services your organization offers. Or create a seating area around a central charging station to foster networking. Your attendees won’t be distracted by their phones and can focus on talking with their peers. Put a coffee cart nearby and you may have created a formula for creating new connections that spawn future research breakthroughs.

Increase Revenue with Charging Station Sponsorships

With all those power hungry gadgets, your charging stations will be well visited and offer a great opportunity for your sponsors to display a message. Simply place a nice countertop banner next to it. If you include a QR code on the banner, your attendees can use EventPilot’s built-in QR code reader to pull up the sponsor’s detail view. Or use GPS geo-location notifications so you could send a message like “Visit our sponsor xyz who is providing this charging station for you”.

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