Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner

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Free Badge Scanner for Lead Retrieval at Events

Free Badge Scanner App for Exhibitors
so you can use your budget on event technology that helps your attendees

Offline Lead Retrieval

Lead retrieval and collecting digital business cards has never been easier. Your trade show exhibitors can download the free Badge Scanner app. Your exhibitors can simply bring their own devices. If you use the EventPilot® conference app, QR code contact scanning is already built into the mobile meeting app. Offline lead retrieval is available for iOS and Android.

Lead retrieval sample badge to scan

Intuitive for Your Exhibitors

Offline QR Code Badge Scanning

Scan QR Codes

Use the free "Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner" mobile app to scan QR codes on badges. Works offline and enables lead retrieval without needing Wi-Fi.

edit lead and contact info

Add Notes

Edit or update the scanned contact information and add missing information. Add notes to indicate next steps to follow up.

Lead Retrieval Export

Export Leads

Instantly export your entire lead list in CSV format. Import the CSV file into your CRM system, Outlook contacts, or open with Excel.

Badge Scanning Made Easy

To Simplify Your Conferences, Trade Shows, and Events

Use for Free

We are giving back to the events community and made EventPilot Lead Retrieval available at no cost!

Collect Leads Offline

The Badge Scanner works without Wi-Fi and reads all information contained in the QR code into the mobile app.

Bring Your Device

Your exhibitors can use their own smart devices. There is no additional hardware needed.

Scan Badges Fast

Today's high quality smartphone cameras combined with EventPilot's high performance ensure quick QR code capture.

Access Instantly

The contact information captured from the QR code is available immediately after scanning.

Add Missing Data

Review the contact details and add missing fields. Correct contact data errors directly in the app.

Take Notes

Add more details about interest or follow up points in a built-in notes section per contact.

Export Leads

With a touch of a button, the scanned contacts are emailed to the exhibitor for CRM import or Excel reporting.

Backup in the Cloud

EventPilot intelligently backs up all scanned leads whenever Wi-Fi becomes available.

Sync Across Devices

Switching to a second device synchronizes all leads already scanned via the EventPilot cloud.

Skip Business Cards

With the EventPilot conference app or the Badge Scanner, your attendees can keep a record of who they meet.

Save Time

No hardware, staff, or additional web portals to manage. The simplest solution for event professionals!

Try the Badge Scanner Right Now

  1. Install the free "Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner" App by ATIV Software:

    iOS Version or Android Version

  2. Start the app and scan the sample badge on this page
  3. Add a note or click the menu icon to export

For your convenience, QR code scanning for attendee networking or exhibitor lead retrieval is automatically included in each EventPilot conference app.

When you print badges for your own events, include first name, last name, title, organization, and email address in the QR code. Send us a sample image of your QR code and we'll let you know if it's supported.

Do you want to use EventPilot Lead Retrieval for your next event?

If you already use EventPilot, please contact your CRM. If you are new to EventPilot, please complete the contact form below and we'll email you the details.

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