EventPilot Express – the Instant Native Conference App

EventPilot Express – the Instant Native Conference App 2020-06-17T18:44:08+00:00

Take advantage of native event app features without the approval waiting period.
Release your mobile native conference app today!

EventPilot Express is a shell conference app with all the native meeting app features and functionality found in the standard edition. The native event app is already available in the App Store and attendees simply download your branded event program into it.

express mobile app find event screen

1. Enter the Event Code

Attendees download the "EventPilot" app and enter an event code you define when setting up the project.
express conference app download content

2. Download Content

EventPilot takes care of downloading your entire event program for offline use.
express meeting app cleantech screen

3. Run the Event App

Restart EventPilot and your event program with your branding appears.
express event app home screen

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Download the EventPilot Conference App to your iOS or Android device to experience Express in action with the event code "demo"

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