EventPilot 7 Conference App

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new conference app features with EventPilot 7.0

Take your event app to the next level

As an association meeting planner or corporate event professional, you can now increase attendee networking through valuable scientific dialogue, peer commenting, and private messaging directly via your EventPilot mobile conference app.

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"Best conference app we have used!"

Jason Levine, VP, Information Technology, BSC Management Inc.

conference app sync across ios and Android

Smart Sync
Across Devices

Sync personal content on both: iOS & Android

The conference app's proven data sync has been enhanced to synchronize the personal schedule, notes, and bookmarks across devices and even across different platforms. Data sync intelligently caches comments and messages to ensure the best offline experience on your mobile app. Schedule data can be synchronized with external systems via the EventPilot Schedule Sync API.

event app commenting feature


Increase attendee dialogue

Foster moderated discussions, on the event app, in-context to the actual session where latest scientific research is presented. More targeted and private than Twitter, comments are linked directly to sessions and only logged-in meeting app users can view and contribute. Session commenting is included in the new EventPilot Connect component.

example of commenting on event app
example of messaging on EventPilot meeting app
messaging on EventPilot mobile app


Help attendees connect

The conference app's attendee-to-attendee messaging module gives logged-in users the ability to easily find colleagues and communicate with each other. Users can either add their own photo or use the meeting app's automatic colored monogram that adds to the professional look of EventPilot.

event app search icon

Advanced Search

Find what you need; exclude what you don't

With the event app's enhanced keyword search and Boolean exclusion, attendees quickly search through thousands of sessions, research abstracts, PowerPoint slides, speakers, and more. Tiered search, collapsible result segments, and new fields (room location, session number, etc.) help conference app users discover exactly what they are looking for.

event app search feature
event app security features

Enhanced Security and One-Sign-On

Control access with one login

A single member login makes it easy for attendees to access the conference app, schedule, commenting, messaging, and protected session handouts. The mobile meeting app uses secure app-to-server communication technology to keep your content secure.

Usability Enhancements

You asked for it. We built it.

Numerous enhancements make the already professional and robust EventPilot conference apps even better:

Web-App with Schedule

Web version of the event app allows logged-in web app users to view their schedule, add and remove sessions or bookmarks.

Speaker & Media Sorting

A specific speaker and media item order within a session in the event app is now supported, via both data sync and drag-drop, in the EventPilot CMS.

Sponsor from NOW

With the event app's Sponsorship Add-On Module, you can add a link from a NOW banner directly to the exhibitor detail view.

Abstract Improvements

Conference app users finding an HTML abstract via the search can view the session detail in order to easily add the abstract to their schedule. The action bar now brings note-taking directly to abstracts.

Improved EventPilot CMS

From streamlined media upload, additional data sync validations, to moderated Q&A Module enhancements; it's never been easier to manage your EventPilot mobile app content.

And so much more

Usability and performance improvements, pre-caching of offline content, and many more enhancements add to the professionalism of the EventPilot conference app.