EventPilot® Conference App Editions

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Choose Your EventPilot Meeting App Edition

EventPilot offers a variety of app implementation options to fit your unique meeting needs. All apps are highly configurable and allow you to choose from a variety of á la carte features.

Native event app uniquely for annual conferences and large meetings.
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Quickly publish your event into the EventPilot Express conference app.
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Multiple events in one native meeting app branded to your organization.
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Attendees select from available translations of your program within one event app.
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Happy App Users, Happy Meeting Planners

EventPilot Conference Apps Benefit All


  • Increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Offer a rich offline experience
  • Receive personalized guidance start to finish
  • Improve sustainability and reduce waste
  • Control your event app with 24/7 CMS access
  • Use analytics to plan for the next conference
  • Engage attendees and drive expo traffic


  • Rely on an app that works when Wi-Fi doesn't
  • Browse the entire program and plan your visit
  • Switch between devices and stay organized
  • Network with attendees or share with others
  • Save time with credit tracking and trip reports
  • Navigate the expo hall & session rooms
  • Receive relevant notifications and reminders


  • Demonstrate leadership at each app start
  • Purchase high-impact ads
  • Select options that fit your budget
  • Appear organically in global search results
  • Engage with rich media or QR codes
  • Provide relevant links to further info
  • Measure ROI with analytics

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