Interesting #EventTech & Apps for #EventProfs

Interesting #EventTech & Apps for #EventProfs

A wide variety of event apps and third party technology can help meeting planners and event professionals to increase efficiency, stay better organized, and create a more engaging experience for attendees. Below you'll find a list of apps or meeting and event technology that caught our attention - we'll keep adding over time so bookmark this page and check back:

Big Data & Event Analytics

event analytics big data for meeting professionals

Attendee Traffic Patterns

While you can already track over 26 dimensions of event analytics directly in the EventPilot conference app, you may want to take a look at Exposure Event Analytics, which captures traffic patterns and displays details in traffic heatmaps for easy visual understanding. The system is set up at the venue directly so you don't have to rely on venue WiFi.

event mood emotion app for meetings

Mood: Tracking Emotion

EmotionSense, a research app by the University of Cambridge as well as one called Moodie help analyze mood and emotional state. In the future, you may be able to use mood to measure the effectiveness of your events.

Health: For Stressed Event Planners and Overwhelmed Attendees

Air pollution tracker Atmotube

Atmotube - portable air pollution monitor

Help your attendees be healthier and choose venues that offer better air quality or react when air quality drops. The tiny portable device measures pollution, volatile organic compounds, and harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide (CO). Support the Atmotube Indiegogo campaign so you can get your pollution monitor in the spring of 2016.

MyHeart Counts health activity stanford app

MyHeart Counts

Check out MyHeart Counts to learn about your own heart health. Get attendees to contribute to Heart Health Research while becoming more aware of one's own life style. This Stanford crowd source research app tracks your daily activity level while giving researchers study data.

Muse Headband for stressed planners

Relax with Muse Headband and App

A bit on the expensive side is Muse at $299, but it may be worth the investment for you. It is an EEG headband that works in combination with an app that walks you through relaxation exercises. Great way to stay calm during the most hectic event planning times.

Productivity: Make Your Life Easier

staff volunteer management event technology


Description from the ibtm technology and innovation watch awards they won in 2015: InitLive takes a mobile-first approach to managing the most mobile of event resources - the team on the ground. The cloud-based system includes a web service and a mobile device app that equips event planners, event staff and volunteers with a real-time communication system and a comprehensive scheduling service on the day of the event.

project management task list for event professionals


This free app and website offers a great way to keep track of your many tasks and due dates to easily stay organized. Color code by project and include other team members.

Google Drive for meeting managers for paperless events

Google Drive Apps

Access anything on the go - your spreadsheets, your documents, drawings, even your Google presentations. If you are still using Microsoft Office, you may want to try out Google apps since you can work with your team or clients at the same time in the same document! Truly collaborate without hassle - and it's free.

Apple iMovie for event and meeting videos


At $4.99, it's one of the best paid apps to easily create engaging content you can share via your social media channels. Easily create daily event videos or an overview of the venue and city before the meeting. With easy trimming, transitions, titles, etc. you will have a professional looking video ready in minutes.

Evernote for meeting planners


All your notes are stored in the cloud and editable offline on your mobile device. Share notes, search, record voice, etc.


Dashlane to securely share password for event planners

Sharing Passwords with others?

Are you still writing passwords into notebooks or share them via email or message apps? Switch to Dashlane for secure storage and sharing with your team members or clients.

Using Public WiFi Networks?

You are traveling a lot accessing WiFi networks everywhere you can on the go? Try PrivateInternetAccess and protect your computers and mobile devices.

Cost and Revenue: Free calculators

event planner print cost calculator for meetings

Print Program & Paper Cost

We have developed a free calculator for you to estimate cost cost of print, including sustainability aspects such as CO2 impact or water waste. Try out the environmental footprint calculator for your printed programs.

event planner food calculator CIC

Attendee Cost Pocket Planner

Pocket Planner is a handy event and meeting calculator that uses Convention Industry Council (CIC) standards to recommend food, beverage, service and safety quantities for events based on attendance.

conference sponsor revenue calculator

App Sponsor Revenue Calculator

Here is another tool we developed for you: To quickly estimate the amount of sponsorship income you can generate from your event app, try the free revenue calculator. Take a look at the included slideshare for revenue opportunity ideas in meeting apps.

conference wifi Bandwidth calculator

Event Bandwidth Estimator

Estimate your next WiFi needs using this handy event WiFi bandwidth calculator for events by APEX. We also got a tip from one of our clients: If you are charged high prices by the venue yet connections are slow, try Presentation Management Services, who would likely beat pricing while providing reliable high speed WiFi for your conference attendees.


small laptop charger

One outlet, multiple devices to charge?

One outlet to charge your laptop, phone, tablet? This small 3-in-1 laptop charger called Zolt makes it possible to recharge it all from one single outlet.

360 camera with VR

360 Streaming Video and Virtual Reality

With the Luna 360 camera, you'll be able to stream your event live and allow remote attendees to fully be immersed. It even supports virtual reality playback mode. Take a look at the video on their website - very cool event technology! Luna 360 Camera

Any other topics you'd like to see covered? Let us know.