iBeacon and GPS push notifications in EventPilot Conference Apps

iBeacon and GPS push notifications in EventPilot Conference Apps

Exciting new ways to communicate with your attendees using iBeacon™ and Beacons or GPS

Our dev team has been working hard to bring the latest in event technology to your conferences. We have implemented push notification support for indoor and outdoor locations, so that you can send location relevant messages to your attendees directly from within your mobile meeting app.

Why do I care?

Location-based functionality opens up new ways of communicating with your attendees – and it even works indoors without requiring Internet access (uses Bluetooth LE). You can now push notification messages that are relevant to the location of the attendee within your venue. This creates a more valuable experience where a user receives just-in-time combined with just-in-place information.

How does it work?

A beacon is a low energy Bluetooth (BLE) transmitter that sends out it’s own identifier number. This identifier number is entered into the EventPilot CMS with the message you’d like to display and a target, which could go to a website or a page within the conference app itself. Place the beacon in a strategic location to trigger the message. When an attendee comes near, the event app recognizes the identifier and displays the notification on the device. Alternatively, you can use a GPS location to trigger messages in the meeting app for large venues.

What could I do?

The options are endless and depend on your communication goals. Do you want to increase attendance at a special event? Push messages close to the registration desk with a reminder to purchase a ticket. Do you want to increase traffic to your sponsor? Trigger a message at the expo entrance to encourage visiting their booth. Or do you need to assist attendees with their transportation options? Place a beacon by your bus stop to quickly get to your bus schedule within the app. How about reminding your attendees to complete the conference survey on the last day? Use the city’s airport GPS location to trigger the alert.

Where do I get the beacons?

You can purchase beacons directly from our partner Radius Networks at http://www.radiusnetworks.com/. We recommend USB beacons since you can easily control when they transmit their identifier by plugging them into any USB port (Monitors, computers, power adapters, backup battery chargers, etc.) and even reuse them next year without having to replace a battery.

Ready to add beacons and GPS notifications to your event app? Contact us to find out more.