5 tips to reduce stress for event planners with the help of EventPilot

5 tips to reduce stress for event planners with the help of EventPilot

Best business job, but stressful! EventPilot conference apps can help alleviate some of the stress


While Meeting, Convention, and Event Planner was picked as the best business job of 2012, it is also the 6th most stressful.

Here are a few tips that can make your life easier:

1. Save time: Go paperless

Skip printing completely. This saves many hours of time from planning, designing, printing, shipping, storing, and distributing brochures. Besides, print is usually outdated the moment you send it to the printers. Bag stuffing alone can turn into a headache. Calculate the minimum bag stuffing time ®

Using EventPilot, you can easily include all your conference materials and add more value than a printed brochure ever could:

  • Interactive access with filters and search to all sessions, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and any additional links
  • PowerPoint presentations with slide note taking - offline! Learn more ®
  • All content offline including bus schedules, medical and scientific abstracts, and important information

If you are still worried about non iOS or Android users, you can offer renting an iPad as part of the registration. Add a rental fee for only $20-$30/day to the registration.

iPad rental might be fun for the attendees anyway if they've never tried one


2. Stay in control: Update any time

Need to get a message out or push a data update? EventPilot gives you 24/7 access to a powerful and intuitive backend. You choose when you wish to update the app, add new sponsor ads, or change the NOW/Home screen. Oh, and not to forget, your Home screen can be set up in advance to dynamically show/hide specific banners at certain times. Less to think about during the event, less stress.

3. Enter data once: Use Datasync

There is no need to enter your program by hand or make changes in two different places for updates. Directly integrate with your event database to set up data synchronization between your content management system and EventPilot.

4. Reduce data entry needs: In-app session evaluations

Collecting session evaluations is easy. Display links to session evaluation surveys in context of the particular session. Use your online survey tool you are already familiar with.

5. Stay organized: Use the app yourself at the event

Session headcounts? Room equipment checks? Speaker's comments? EventPilot includes unmatched note taking functionality:

  • Sessions
  • Speakers
  • Exhibitors
  • Slides
  • Digital business cards
Simply send yourself an email report containing all your notes. It's neatly organized by item and makes your life a whole lot less stressful.


Apps are what we do best, so you don't have to stress.