ASTD enhances the Annual Conference experience for ALC Chapter Leaders with EventPilot mobile app

ASTD enhances the Annual Conference experience for ALC Chapter Leaders with EventPilot mobile app


ASTD enhances the Annual Conference experience for ALC Chapter Leaders with EventPilot mobile app

With the EventPilot app ASTD chapter leaders participating in this year’s ALC conference can comfortably leave behind their paper guides and benefit from the efficient and effective mobile event app

SOAAME2011mobile native EventPilot conference app from ATIV Software

Santa Rosa, Calif. – August 22, 2011 - ATIV Software has released the ASTD ALC 2011 mobile conference app, built on the dynamic EventPilot platform, for the ASTD Chapter Leaders Conference. Attendees from around the nation utilize the robust EventPilot app to connect to pertinent information and colleagues.

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“The EventPilot meeting app has been successful at our other conferences so we are now offering it for our chapter leaders as a true conference resource.” said Cami Best-Jones of ASTD. “It’s easy to navigate, supports networking, and the conference app is loaded with tools for sharing and retaining information, such as note-taking and in-app report-building.”

EventPilot meeting apps are meticulously designed to allow for the best experience for attendees and organizers alike. The mobile conference app offers organizers a plethora of options, from revenue generating app sponsorships to last minute alerts and updating changes to the conference program. The smart programming behind EventPilot ensures a continuous conference app experience even when Wi-Fi access is limited or not available at the event.

“We all aim to reduce our carbon footprint. We recognize that cutting the use of paper at events requires a dependable app that can be used to both access and collect information,” states Eric Converse, CTO of ATIV Software. “To this end, ALC’s chapter leaders are connecting using cutting-edge contact-sharing and building conference reports to take back to their chapters with in-app note-taking functionality with the security of knowing the app will work despite potential interferences, such as WiFi connectivity.”

About EventPilot

The EventPilot mobile conference app features include:

Native Mobile Event App with True Offline Functionality
Native Android conference app, iPhone conference app and iPad conference app to ensure best performance, network independence, and device specific navigation users expect.

Sharing and Networking
The Facebook and LinkedIn integration enables attendees to share interesting sessions with their peers and extend the reach for presenters and event organizers. Unique presentation slide tweeting to share key insights with others and integration of Twitter technology to allow easy networking.

Real-Time Updates and Reminders
Attendees receive just-in-time notifications about their scheduled sessions, program changes, and Twitter updates without ever leaving the first screen.

Rich Experience and Paperless Events
EventPilot Plus supports paperless events by integrating PowerPoint slides, PDFs, handouts, scientific or medical abstracts, surveys, live polls, YouTube videos, note taking, and more to create a valuable reference app that is used by attendees long after the event.

The free iPhone and iPad conference app is available now in the App Store. The free Android event app is available in the Android market. A web version for BlackBerry and other web- enabled devices is available at

About ASTD
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About ATIV Software
ATIV Software offers EventPilot, the customizable mobile conference app for event and meeting planners. EventPilot is available as a native app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android as well as a mobile web version for all other web-enabled devices including BlackBerry. For more information, visit