ATIV Software releases mobile medical conference app for National Neurotrauma Symposium (NNS) 2011

ATIV Software releases mobile medical conference app for National Neurotrauma Symposium (NNS) 2011


ATIV Software releases mobile medical conference app for National Neurotrauma Symposium 2011

Innovative event app EventPilot offers neuroscientists and clinicians instant access to symposium sessions, attendees, and hundreds of abstracts and presentations with latest medical research

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – June 14, 2011 – Today ATIV Software launched the NNS 2011 mobile app, native for iOS and Android, for the National Neurotrauma Symposium 2011 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The conference, hosted by the National Neurotrauma Society, gathers members from the scientific and medical communities to discuss treatment strategies and research practices for scientists and physicians. The NNS 2011 mobile app is powered by EventPilot Plus which provides offline access to hundreds of medical abstracts, the entire event guide with personal customization and scheduling options, as well as integrated communication and networking features for symposium attendees.

"The NNS 2011 mobile app will serve as a terrific resource for our Symposium attendees to plan their schedules and explore the latest medical research," said Karen Gottlieb, TLC Events Group, Inc. "All medical abstracts are included directly in the app and downloaded to the devices for instant access and reference long after our event."

In addition to the interactive communication tools, features of the NNS 2011 conference application are based on the EventPilot Plus edition and include:

Learning Solutions Conference 2011 conference app

Native App
Native app for Android, iPhone and iPad to ensure best performance, wifi independence, and device specific navigation users expect.

Media Abstracts
Full text search for hundreds medical abstracts with offline access.

Real-Time Updates
Attendees receive just-in time notifications about their scheduled sessions, program changes, and Twitter updates without ever leaving the first screen.

Rich Experience
EventPilot Plus supports PowerPoint slides, YouTube video, PDFs, handouts, surveys, polls, note taking, and more to create a valuable reference app that is used by attendees long after the event.

"The EventPilot mobile conference app makes planning, attending, networking, and note taking for attendees of the NNS 2011 easier than ever before," said Silke Fleischer, Co-Founder and CEO of ATIV Software. "The sophisticated NNS 2011 app brings a new level of engagement to medical events."

The free NNS 2011 meeting app is available as a native app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices – ideal for venues with limited Internet connectivity or cell reception. A mobile optimized web version allows all other device users to easily browse the entire conference program.

More information about EventPilot is available at

The free iPhone app is available now in the App Store. The free Android app is available in the Android market. The web version for BlackBerry and other web enabled devices is available at

About the National Neurotrauma Symposium
The National Neurotrauma Symposium is the annual meeting of the National Neurotrauma Society for neuroscientists and clinicians and those who provide care for neurotrauma patients. For more information on NNS, visit

About ATIV Software
ATIV Software offers EventPilot, the customizable mobile conference app for event and meeting planners. EventPilot is available as a native app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android as well as a mobile web version for all other web-enabled devices including BlackBerry.
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