ATIV Software releases intuitive iPhone and Android event app with Facebook and LinkedIn sharing for mLearnCon 2011 Conference & Expo

ATIV Software releases intuitive iPhone and Android event app with Facebook and LinkedIn sharing for mLearnCon 2011 Conference & Expo


ATIV Software releases intuitive iPhone and Android event app with Facebook and LinkedIn sharing for mLearnCon 2011 Conference & Expo

Sophisticated mobile smartphone app for conferences keeps mLearnCon attendees connected and informed via social media and network integration

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – June 20, 2011 – Today ATIV Software launched the mLearnCon mobile event app for the mLearnCon 2011 Conference & Expo in San Jose, California. Hosted by the eLearning Guild, mLearnCon gathers industry professionals to explore every aspect of mobile learning for academic, corporate and government settings in depth. The mLearnCon mobile event app, powered by the new EventPilot 4.5, provides attendees with the tools necessary to navigate the sessions and stay connected throughout the entire conference.

"mLearnCon 2011 brings industry leaders together to share and discuss strategies and best practices for mLearning," said Garrick Lee, Web Creative with the eLearning Guild. "By letting attendees access the wide variety of conference info and personalize their schedules all from their mobile devices, the mLearnCon app highlights what the latest in mobile technologies can provide."

In addition to the interactive event program, features of the mLearnCon conference application are based on the EventPilot Plus edition version 4.5 and include:

Learning Solutions Conference 2011 conference app

Native App
Native app for Android, iPhone and iPad to ensure best performance, wifi independence, and device specific navigation users expect.

Sharing and Networking
The new Facebook and LinkedIn integration enables attendees to share interesting sessions with their peers and extend the reach for presenters and event organizers. Unique presentation slide tweeting to share key insights with others and integration of Twitter technology to allow easy networking.

Real-Time Updates and Reminders
Attendees receive just-in time notifications about their scheduled sessions, program changes, and Twitter updates without ever leaving the first screen.

Rich Experience
EventPilot Plus supports PowerPoint slides, YouTube video, PDFs, handouts, surveys, live polls, note taking, and more to create a valuable reference app that is used by attendees long after the event.

"EventPilot not only supplies mLearnCon participants with a mobile event program and schedule," said Silke Fleischer, Co-Founder and CEO of ATIV Software, "but it permits them to share what’s important to them via Facebook or LInkedIn as well as interact with other attendees through social media like Twitter, or contact sharing features like Bump and QR."

The free mLearnCon 2011 meeting app is available as a native app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices – ideal for venues with limited Internet connectivity or cell reception. A mobile optimized web version allows all other device users to easily browse the entire conference program.

More information about EventPilot is available at

The free iPhone conference app is available now in the App Store. The free Android event app is available in the Android market. A web version for BlackBerry and other web enabled devices is available at

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