ATIV Software introduces mobile conference app for Catersource 2011 in Las Vegas

ATIV Software introduces mobile conference app for Catersource 2011 in Las Vegas


ATIV Software introduces mobile conference app for Catersource 2011 in Las Vegas

The Catersource event app creates a fully-integrated conference experience for both organizers and attendees

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – February 14, 2011 – ATIV Software launched the Catersource 2011 mobile event app today for the Catersource conference for catering industry owners, managers, culinary experts, and service staff in Las Vegas. The conference app, powered by EventPilot Plus, will serve as a primary channel of communication between Catersource and attendees, as well as among the attendees themselves.

“The Catersource 2011 app gives our participants all the important event information right at their fingertips with an easy-to-use mobile app for their iPhone or Android, including full iPad support,” said Pauline Hoogmoed, CEO of Catersource. “Our attendees can personalize their event schedule, share information and communicate with one another in real time; just a few of the many features that make using the EventPilot app a more complete and satisfying conference experience.”

“In years past, late-notice schedule changes or making announcements created challenges for us, but EventPilot gives us an avenue to communicate changes directly to our participants in real-time,” said Chad Borenz , Multi-Media Marketing Manager for Catersource. “Being on the forefront of the catering industry, it was important for us to showcase how this cutting-edge technology has changed the way we host conferences.”

Event Solutions Idea Factory 2011 conference appFeatures of the Event Solutions Catersource 2011 conference application are based on the EventPilot Plus edition and include:

  • Native app to ensure wifi independence
  • QR and Bump technology to share contacts
  • Full iPad support for best attendee experience
  • Real-time organizer alerts
  • Knowledge sharing via Twitter
  • Complete interactive conference program and animated floor plan maps
  • PowerPoint presentation slide viewer with slide tweeting
  • Note taking, speaker and session rating, and note sharing
  • Networking with speakers
  • Exhibitor details with weblinks and animated expo hall location
  • Custom organizer tabs for additional attendee relevant information

“Not only does the EventPilot meeting app enrich the conference experience during the event, but it also provides an invaluable resource for the participants after the event has concluded,” said Eric Converse, CTO and Co-Founder of ATIV Software. “Each app is developed specific to each event, so attendees can continually reference presentation slides and notes they may have jotted down. Using EventPilot as a resource post-conference is a real value add.”

The free Catersource 2011 meeting app is available as a native app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices – ideal for venues with limited Internet connectivity or cell reception. A mobile optimized web version allows all other device users to easily browse the entire conference program.

More information about EventPilot is available at
The download link and a one minute feature video for the free app are available at

The free iPhone app is available now in the App Store (an update with QR and Bump integration will be available by 2/20). The free Android app is available in the Android market. A web version is available at

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ATIV Software offers EventPilot, the customizable mobile conference app for event and meeting planners. EventPilot is available as a native app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android as well as a BlackBerry widget and mobile web version for all other web-enabled devices.
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